Choosing the Decisions We Make

You know that feeling of being run down by the overwhelming weight of the decisions that you have to make on a regular basis? I definitely have, and I’ve been practicing a solution that is working for me.

Decisions Use Energy

All decisions take up energy as we try process them. I’m starting to see this as neither good nor bad. What is important is where we prefer to extend our energy. This doesn’t mean that I want to automate everything and then sleep on the beach all day. There is a therapeutic beauty in daily practice of things we enjoy, like a [lightbox type=”image” href=””]Japanese Tea Ceremony[/lightbox].

I’ll share an example from my experience. Making a decision of which trail or path to run on is a decision that I enjoy making. Trying to figure out which bills I need to pay at what time is not a decision process I enjoy.

From The Simple Dollar:

If we can find ways to take some of those decisions out of our hands, we reduce the number of active decisions we have to make in a given day. Thus, our decision fatigue is reduced and we’re less likely to make poor decisions due to such fatigue.

Our solution is to automate little decisions. We do this by spending time up front thinking of ways to eliminate some of our little regular decisions. Even eliminating tiny decisions really helps.

Automating Tasks That Aren’t Important

There are so many tools available that can help us with those decisions that we don’t enjoy as much. It might take a little work up front but the ease of mind later on is totally worth it.

Using the bill paying example above, I have set up my bills to be paid automatically based on the days that I get paid. This helps free my mind from trying to hold it all in my mental calendar. It is so simple and it is very easy to forget that it is simple.

Choosing the Decisions We Make

Automating some of these tasks allows me to enjoy the tasks/decisions that I enjoy to have as part of my daily routine. By doing this, I feel more fulfilled and have more energy to give to my favorite tasks.

I can reassess these automated tasks and the tasks that I enjoy every few months to see if they are still working to my benefit. This is much less upkeep than having to deal with them all daily.

What decisions do you enjoy making? Which would you prefer not to make as often? Are you able to automate some of those tasks?

Adding More Time to Your Day

time moving fastI’ve thought a lot about time these past couple of months. One of the things that I have learned about time is that it isn’t necessarily a set amount. We can actually bend time (at least our linear understanding of it) to squeeze more into it. Using our own energy and focus we can add much more to our days and our lives.

The Time We’re Used To

We see time as being linear. We are born, time passes as we age, then we lay to rest. Our day consists of going from one thing to the next based on what time it is. We make appointments, we work set hours out of our day. This is the linear time that we all know and are quite used to.

We’ve all been in the situation where we just wanted to be done with our day. Think of how it is after a long night drinking. When you’re at work the next day you have trouble caring about the work. Most of the day will be spent trying to stay awake. You stare at the clock just hoping that it will go faster.

Stuffing Time With Energy

What happens when more energy is focused in time? Would there be more time? I propose there would definitely be more time.

Have you ever had a day where you were in the zone? A day where you got so much accomplished and you were surprised that the day was only half over? These are the days where your energy was focused into time. The more energy you have the better your chance of this effect. Energizing foods, proper rest and doing things you enjoy will all have a great effect on this time/energy event.

My challenge to you is to start with one week of raw vegan food. With this, visualize the things that you enjoy. Practice some affirmations and you will feel the effects of this great event.