Reboot Your Life Part 1: Energy

There are many reasons to reset your life. It could be that you feel stuck in your job. It may be that you feel like your stuck in a unhealthy rut and can’t seem to get out. Maybe nothing is wrong and you just want to strive to be better. No matter the reason for rebooting your own system, it’s very much worth it.

Energize the Brain

The first thing you’ll need in order to reboot is the energy to do it. Most often our energy is drained by the time we want to make changes and it seems nearly impossible to make the leap. In order to make the changes that are necessary you will have to want to change. Changes won’t happen if you are constantly fighting your self.

Digesting the Energy

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Digestion is a big part of our energy levels. If you eat a meal of highly processed foods your body will have to work so much harder to break them down. Have you ever gone to lunch and ate a wonderful meal just to find yourself fighting a nap the whole afternoon? That would be all of your body’s energy going to your digestive system. The old expression, KISS (Keep it simple stupid), was banging in my head when I learned about this. I felt the energizing effects on the first day and no longer need coffee to keep myself going.

Smoothie Breakfast For the Win!

My suggestion is to start small and build up as you need. Instead of a complex and processed breakfast of bacon, eggs, cheese, pancakes, etc. try to eat much more simple foods like fruit and vegetables. Why not help your digestion even more by making fruit and vegetable smoothies in your blender. Switch out your normal breakfast with fruit and vegetable smoothies to energize your life. You can make any kind of smoothies by adding your favorite fruit and some water. If you replace your normal breakfast with these you will find many other positive changes as well as energy. You will feel cleaner, happier, and you will probably lose some weight.

Exercise That Body!

Exercise shouldn’t suck. Plain and simple. I’m not saying you shouldn’t push yourself. Instead of doing an exercise program that you feel like you have to do, do something you enjoy to do. One of my favorite things to do is to go for a long walk with my headphones while I listen to an audio book. Just a little bit more exercise combined with the smoothies will help change your energy levels drastically.

Do you have any energizing rituals that you do?

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