Learning Revolution by Sir Ken Robinson

sir ken robinsonIf you couldn’t tell by the last few posts, I’ve been on a TED Talks kick. I really enjoy the caliber of the speakers and the amazing ideas behind the speeches.

Sir Ken Robinson talks here about how to transform education, as in a revolution. He believes that we should challenge everything we know, especially if it is logical or common sense. We rise with any challenge that comes along. It is a natural, flowing way of finding solutions.

Take a simple wrist watch, like most of us wear/used to wear. We felt the need to know the time anywhere we went. This is a linear way of thinking, as in, we should do things in a certain order. Sir Ken Robinson challenges us to think outside the linear track and try step outside the bounds of the common world.

The Problem With Education

With education, we often push our children through high school and directly into college. Most of us go into college not knowing what we are hoping to study or what we want to do. Too often we choose a path because of the financial support that a certain subject promises. If we chose to follow the subject that we truly love and feel passionate about, most of us wouldn’t be at a college. There are so many ways to learn exactly what we like to learn that we don’t need colleges the way we do.

The other thing that holds education back is that we are being contained and dampened. Schools train us to fall in line with the norm. It is so ingrained in us that we keep our peers from ever stepping out of line. Any time someone has a thought outside of the norm, we say “whoa there, that’s crazy,” instead of encouraging the independent thought.

Video Source: TED Talks

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