Post Modern Jukebox Art

After seeing Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox live in Portland on their Eviction Tour, I was inspired to create some promo images.

Post Modern Jukebox Artwork

This first graphic is based on the design of the Post Modern Jukebox website.
Post Modern Jukebox Promotional Poster

Scott Bradlee Art

This one is for the Scott Bradlee who put the group together, writes the arrangements, and plays the piano. The poster is based on the jazz style event posters.

Scott Bradlee Event Poster

Robyn Adele Anderson Art

The next one is a promotion of one of the main singers, Robyn Adele-Anderson.
Robyn Adele Anderson Eviction Tour Promo Poster

Jimbo’s Naturally and the Magic Bag

jimbos naturally logo

jimbos naturally logoFitness and nutrition are a big part of my life now and I’m always on the lookout for the real deal in nutritious food and food services. Jimbo’s Naturally is such a place. They are an incredible breath of fresh air in a crazy mix of bad food markets. Jimbo’s sells the highest quality organic (mostly local) and natural foods. They are strong supporters and members of the Non GMO Project. My wife and I have been vegan for a while now and have been very impressed with the huge selection of vegan foods in the deli and the bakery. They even have a bunch of raw vegan treats! Thank you Jimbo’s Naturally and all of the vendors!

Check out Jimbo’s Naturally online at:

The Giveaway

jimbos naturally bagRecently my wife and I decided to fill out a card to win the amazing bag of goodies at the Escondido Jimbo’s. Today we got the call to tell us that won! The bag is incredible. It has such an array of top notch goodies. Here is a list of what we received in the bag: