Running with Mantras

Vajrasattva mantra

I wanted to share an awesome experience I had while running recently. First, a little back story. Suzanne and I have been attending a mantra group every Friday evening for the past month. This is something that we thought would be great to learn about and practice. The leader of the group is Aly Good and she has been a great teacher of the practices. You can learn more about Aly and mantras on her site,

We usually go through three or four different mantras each Friday, repeating them 108 times. These are very satisfying mantras and they definitely come up in your mind while you’re doing other things. This has been happening on my runs recently, especially since my headphones stopped working and I am back in my head while I’m running.

I went out for a long run a couple of days ago. Since my headphones are kaput, I decided to focus on the sounds of my steps and make sure that my form was nice and clean. It’s a good thing I can hear my feet again because they were slapping all around the place before.

About a year ago, I talked about how I use my runs as a meditation. This run was one step beyond that even. After a few steps a mantra started going through my mind. This mantra was repeated throughout my entire run. It helped me stay focused and in tune with my run. The mantra that I was reciting was this:

om gate gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha

This is known as the Gate Mantra and translates to OM gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond even the beyond, hail the goer. This is one of my favorites that we do because it makes some great vibrations when spoken.  I’m not sure why it was this one that came to my mind but it was perfect for my run.

I was able to keep a steady pace without trying hard. It helped me keep my rhythm and my strength throughout the entire run. I will definitely be exploring more mantras while running to see what other kinds of things happen.

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