Keeping the Inner Child Alive

caines arcade smile

caines arcade smileDo you remember when you were young and had all sorts of thoughts and adventures that nobody else could see? We all had so much imagination and their were no limits to what we could and couldn’t do. In fact, we couldn’t even understand when an adult would say “you can’t do that” or “that can’t be done.” We would reply with “why not?” which would bring out frustration and confusion in the adult to say, “that’s just the way it is.” Continue reading “Keeping the Inner Child Alive”

Learning to Listen to Yourself


functions of the brainOver the past few decades we have come to embrace the digital world. So many devices have been added to our daily lives to make it easier for us to do more. Think about a simple wrist watch. How many young people wear watches anymore? They are now worn mostly for decoration instead of function. How about cell phones that only call? Without a camera and data, what is a cell phone? The thought of a device that only has one function is outrageous!

All of these things are made to heighten our life experience and help us with our daily tasks. Because we don’t have to spend a lot of time with some of these tasks, we have extra time and energy in our day. Where do we put that time? Mostly into work or video games. Many people have their time packed so solid throughout the week that they can’t squeeze anything else in.

Working on the glacier during the summers was amazing for my personal growth. I wasn’t able to use the devices that I usually relied on. I was forced to listen to myself and to be current in my own mind. It’s amazing what kind of personal growth you can achieve when you are left alone with your mind.

My Advice on Listening to Yourself

mountain meditationWhat’s my advice for keeping your true self through all of this? I would suggest to have at least one day a week where you don’t have any device on or near you. Don’t plan anything for that day. Wake up on that day and do whatever your body and mind is telling you to do. Take a walk or a hike purely for your enjoyment without your phone or camera. This will help you listen to your body and mind instead of your digital habits.

Try to be conscious more of the time. When you are eating, put down the phone, turn off the TV, put away the book. Focus on the food you are eating. Enjoy every bite you are taking. Don’t let your mind drift, focus on taking bites and chewing. If your mind starts to shift bring it back to the process of eating. Be in the moment with your meal. Try this at one meal a day for a week and you will see big changes.

Once you have a good handle on focusing on your food, you can start to focus on other tasks you do. Park in the farthest parking spot at work and focus on your walk up to the building. Enjoy that walk. Take it nice and slow. Soak in everything around you. Do the same with the drive home. Don’t try to rush it. Just enjoy the amazing feeling of riding smoothly over the ground.

Doing this will help bring you into the now of the world. While it’s good to think about the future, we also must enjoy the present. If we continue to say, “everything will be good when I have ____,” or “I’ll be happy when _____,” we’ll never be happy. Don’t postpone your life by putting hurdles in front of you. Take pleasure in life in the present and your future will be happy as well.