Reboot Your Life Part 2: Mentality


In part 1 of this series we talked about gaining more energy. Energy is a crucial foundation for changing your mentality. You can do it without any extra energy but it will be harder.

The Little Nagging Voices

What do I mean by changing your mentality? All of us have a little voice that picks at us every once in a while. The voice that says “you’re not very good at talking to people” or “you can’t lose weight.” These voices eventually grow and become our voice without us even knowing it. I was caught in the saying, “I don’t really care about people. I don’t like talking to people.” The more I said it the more it became true. I really started disliking conversations, and not for any good reason, but because I had told myself that I did. Another thing I was telling myself and some others was, “I was just born big boned. I will always be big.” I was right! As long as that was in my mind I wasn’t budging at all. All that was thrown out the door in about two months. Not only did I believe that I didn’t have to be big anymore, I had the physical proof. It’s all about what you believe. Belief is a powerful force and when you mix it with a little tenacity (your new found energy should help here) you can achieve anything.

Turn the Voices Around

championThe solution is actually pretty simple. Think and speak positively about everything. If you notice that you’re not keeping in touch very well anymore, think and say to your friends, “I love talking to my friends. I am good at keeping in touch with everyone. I enjoy hearing what people have to say.” These kinds of thoughts will completely change your mind in just a couple of days. Be very aware of everything you say and see if you can turn it around and make it positive. There are plenty of negative things in life and when you start focusing on them all you find is more of them and that becomes your world. On the flip side, the more positive things you find and share, the more that will surround you and become your life.

Further Research and Resources

I recently was fortunate to attend a book signing by Mike Dooley who is a positive thinking coach. I didn’t really know much about him before I saw his presentation but now his words float around my head every day. Mike focuses on the power of positive thinking and what it can do for you in many different ways. He talks a lot about turning negative thoughts around and saying something positive in it’s place. One of my favorite stories he told was when he was dating a girl that liked silence as they sat together. He didn’t always feel comfortable with the silence so he would say something like, “boy am I tired” or “man, was today a long day.” He wasn’t actually tired and he didn’t know why that is what he picked to fill up the silent gap but that became a habit over the next couple of weeks. Gradually he felt more and more tired every day, even if he had a lot of coffee or plenty of sleep. Finally, one night as they were hanging out his girlfriend asked why he was always so tired and he had no idea. He took a couple of days to examine what in his life was making him so tired and became very obvious to him that it was from his own words. Once he made the mental change he was all sorts of energetic again. Check out Mike’s website about positive thinking.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can do it
  • You enjoy doing it
  • You are good at it
  • Share your positivity with your friends
  • Get out there and be positive!

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